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New Schedule
The conference ends with lunch on Saturday, and the banquet is Friday night. Campus housing is not available Saturday night.

Faculty members will be available for 15-minute appointments during the day. Sign-up sheets will be posted Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.

Free Books
We will award books for short completions of the following phrases:
  1. The funniest thing that happened to me as a writer is ...
  2. As a result of attending Write-to-Publish before, ...
  3. I deserve a free book because ...
Write the phrase number and your completion to one of these phrases on the registration site. You must be present in the evening and Saturday morning sessions to win.

Door Prize for Christian Manuscript Submissions
Evangelical Christian Publishers Association is giving one conferee an award certificate for a free six-month, book-proposal submission ($98 value) to its
online manuscript submission service. If you are interested in winning this prize, drop a business card in the designated box at the conference. The winning card will be drawn at the banquet Friday night.

Paul & Timothy Mentor Program
This program pairs conference alumni and first-timers to help new conferees feel welcome and more comfortable in the first couple of days and give alumni opportunities to mentor and share their wisdom. Even if you have attended only one conference, you have valuable experience to offer.

How it works: "Pauls" and "Timothys" will be assigned before the conference, so you can make initial contact before arriving. Once the conference begins, the two of you will eat lunch together the first day and stay in touch throughout the first couple of days. "Pauls" will help "Timothys" with questions about classes, appointments, critique groups, etc. Hopefully, both sets will benefit from the personal connections.

How to get involved: After you register for the conference, contact Letitia Suk at
Letitia.Suk @ gmail.com by June 2 to let her know you want to be involved. State whether you are a "Paul" (alumnus) or a "Timothy" (first-timer) and whether you are a man or woman (some names are not obvious). Letitia will match you and be available during the conference for any additional assistance.

The conference bookstore will be stocked with books and CDs on writing and related topics, as well as books authored by faculty members and conferees. If you cannot attend the conference, you may shop at the bookstore in the lobby of the Billy Graham Center during the day.

Selling Your Books
You may bring books you have authored or CDs you've produced to consign to the bookstore for a 15% commission on sales. Each item must be clearly priced (no prices only on signs) with no quantity pricing; don't use blue dots for price stickers. See the worker at the designated table in the lobby to consign in items beginning Wednesday morning and unconsign them before leaving. Download a consignment form
here, and fill it in before you come or include it with your shipment.

If you need to ship books, send them to: Lin Johnson, Write-to-Publish Conference, Wheaton College, 501 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187. Do not ship before mid-May. Clearly mark the box as your books for consignment.