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Endorsements for Write-to-Publish

  "I highly recommend Write-to-Publish for any aspiring or published author. The hands-on time with faculty members and attendees is invaluable to keep you connected and moving forward."
—Julie Bonn Blank

"I chose to fly from North Carolina to Illinois for the Write-to-Publish Conference because of the variety of publishers and editors. Write-to-Publish offered different classes from any other conference I've attended in the last five years. The experience far surpassed my expectations."
—Winter Fixin

"As a first-time attendee, this was the fastest way to learn the ins and outs of writing to publish that I could have dreamed possible. And everything was done with encouragement and love."
—2017 conferee

"I have attended other large conferences, but I have had more success at this one than any other."
—Ann Fryer

"The quality of speakers, coupled with their willingness to share with new writers (their competition), made this conference both informative and inspirational. I had not considered a freelance career until coming here. Now I see a host of possibilities!"
—2018 conferee

"Because of Write-to-Publish, I have gone from dreaming about being a writer to being a published book author, magazine contributor, freelance writer, editor, and speaker."
—Suzanne Reeves

"Write-to-Publish is for writers who are looking for a place to grow, learn, and build relationships. Excellent sessions from vetted professionals in the industry."
—Tisha Martin

"Write-to-Publish is the best investment writers can make for their writing careers."
—Kim Sullivan

"What outstanding value for the price!"
—Connie Arkus

"I loved the opportunity to meet editors, publishers, and fellow authors. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. And I loved that the whole conference was God-centered. The classes covered a wide range of topics. Wherever you are in your writing journey, Write-to-Publish is a refreshing and helpful step along the way."
—Judy A. Knox

"Wow is all I can say! Did it meet my expectations? It far exceeded them. Writing is a skill, but publishing is a business. This conference taught me how the two are married. It was a perfect combination of learning, engaging with other likeminded writers, agents, and publishers. It felt like full immersion into the writers world: facts, fun, and food. I recommend it to any writer."
—Judith Higgins

"Practical, down-to-earth classes, and approachable editors who want to buy your manuscripts combine into one topnotch package."
—Cindy Grabill

"I first attended the Write-to-Publish Conference in 2000. (Of course, I've returned a couple of times since then!) I had just quit my full-time magazine writing job to go freelance. I had lots of ambition, tons of enthusiasm, and little work. What I learned that week at Write-to-Publish put my career on the right path. The encouragement I received made me realize I could succeed as a full-time freelance writer. The editors were kind. The instructors were knowledgeable. And I left a changed person. Any writer who is serious about his or her writing career should attend at least two writers conferences a year, and I'd make Write-to-Publish one of them."
—Michelle Medlock Adams

"The speakers were wonderful, the food good, the organization excellent. Lin Johnson, the conference director, works hard to put together a program that hums right along. Not a lot of dead time, a nice balance between big sessions and small groups, and an excellent overall program."
—Chip MacGregor, Literary agent, MacGregor and Leudeke

"I learned more about writing and gained more direction in my four days at Write-to-Publish than I did in two years of trying on my own. This conference is a must for new writers."
—Jessica Koschnitzky

"At the Write-to-Publish Conference, you not only learn how to become a better writer, you get the chance to network and meet the faces of those in publishing. More than that, you make lasting relationships with other Christian writers. I feel like I come home every time I attend, and I've been doing that for 10 years now."
—Kathleen Helgesen

"I got answers to questions I did not even know I should be asking. Very informative, very encouraging. I am glad I came."
—Nancy Ludwig

"The quality and steady development of manuscripts from returning conferees impressed me the most about the conference. Authors who have worked at improving their skills and applied the knowledge from Write-to-Publish to their writing inspire me. I saw their passion and dedication reflected in their manuscripts, and that motivates me to offer more contracts."
—Rowena Kuo, CEO and Executive Editor, Brimstone Fiction